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Doctor Who - Doctor/River - Take My Hand and Run

Medium: Television
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Doctor/River
Title: Take My Hand and Run



1. Give in To Me; Faith Hill

I'm gonna wear you down
I'm gonna make you see
I'm gonna get to you
you're gonna give in to me

2. I Thought I'd Seen Everything; Bryan Adams

no one could ever know, what we're like alone
rollin' round like rain, we're a midnight storm
like a river rising, I feel it through your skin
when we're together, I never want it to end

3. Brave Face; Delta Goodrem

put your brave face on
the one you wore when you stole my heart
won't you hold my hand
we'll jump together into anything that could possibly happen

4. Time After Time; John Barrowman

if you're lost, you can look
and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
time after time

5. Full of Grace; Sarah McLachlan

if all the of the strength and all of the courage
come and lift me from this place
I know I can love you much better than this
full of grace, full of grace
my love

6. When You Tell Me That You Love Me; Westlife feat. Diana Ross

I wanna call the stars
down from the sky
I wanna live a day
that never dies

7. Run; Leona Lewis

to think I might not see those eyes
makes it so hard not to cry
and as we say our long goodbyes
I nearly do

8. Rule the World; Take That

if walls break down, I will come for you
if angels cry, I'll be there for you
you've saved my soul
don't leave me now

9. Don't Let Me Forget; Three Graces

time stops when we're together
no words need to be said
in your arms I feel forever
don't let me forget


Tags: doctor who, doctor/river, fanmix

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